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Cement Products

Using light ready-mix concrete by employing cylindrical and spiral/screw-type mixing mechanism helps reduce loads on any construction's foundations by no less the 35% compared to regular concrete.

In addition to sustaining a breaking load of 260 kg/cm and the other aforementioned characteristics of lightweight bricks.

Buzlana Blocks

The scientific features of this type of blocks and its zeolite-based composition, along with the advanced technological factors used for homogeneous mixes (spiral/screw-type & cylindrical).

The pressing and vibration strengths and the steam-driven drying ovens, as well as with the high production capacity, will all provide the qualitative shift in the architectural / constructional life in Jordan and the model replacement of modern construction

Buzlana Products

The volcanic centers are defined on the basis of litho-types to include the entire volcano sedimentary and scoriaceous deposits exposed in Jordan, without interference to the magnetic source and the age. The volcanic centers are of great importance as it includes rock with a large volcanic tuff potential for tuff, along with the associated industrial zeolites which are utilized by many industries. Tuff and Zeolitic Tuff in Jordan is mainly associated with the recent volcanic activity occurs in three distinct areas with respect to geomorphology of Jordan.