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General properties:

Aggregate is a major part in the structure of the concrete and that gives the concrete its stability and resistance for the external conditions and weather conditions such as heat and affects the volumetric changes as freezing and harden in the cement paste , or causes moisture and drought in the concrete. Aggregates' properties affect to a very high level the durability and the concrete paste behavior in the underlying resistance for the rigid masses and the potential resistance in the concrete paste for the corrosion factor.
Our aggregates' properties:
Free of salts and organic materials and kaolin.
Don’t contain chlorides and sulfur.
The specific virtual gravity 2350 got washed before usage.
Rate of water absorption doesn't exceed 3.5%
Its shape: not flattened / semi circular / many- faceted  and sharp according to the grading and size distribution of the aggregates

2- Cement
Portland cement: resistant and quick hardening cement
Buzolana cement: salts resistant

Water valid for the humans use

Free of organic materials and kaolin
Purity percentage 98%